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Cameras Installed In Police Cars

Cameras Installed In Police Cars

There is some police show on television each day that reminds us of the fact that a camera is watching our every move. They are very everyday to unexpurgated of us now but, really did not surface until the later part of the 1990's as a result of the need for more definitive ways to reduce racial tensions and to prevent lawsuits from being filed. The Community Oriented Policing Services of the Department of Justice in the United States was the basic to jump in and offer help to the police agencies that needed funding for the camera installations. The created an passion program for the In - car cameras which gave monetary aid to any state or highway patrol to ensure they could purchase the cameras they needed. In 2000, the first monetary funds were disposed. Three years later, forty seven states had been granted over twenty - one million in funds for the camera program. Before the program started, only eleven percent of there law enforcement agencies had a camera in their vehicles. Because of the program, that number has risen to seventy - two percent and is still going up.

A national survey was done in 2002 to see just how well the camera process was working and if having a camera in the vehicle was making a difference in a positive way. Only twenty states were used to complete the study of the cameras. To ensure a well rounded caravan of study seven areas were assessed. These were under the headings of performance and professionalism, the safety of the officer, complaints filed because of police behavior, the opinion of the public, and leadership in the agency, the training, and homeland security.

Whether or not you approve of the camera practice is a matter of personal preference and choice. It seems to have raised only a little characteristic to it as a result of worries over personal privacy. Is it unbiased to say that a camera in such an open space being used to file the enormous outdoors would cause a person to be invaded privacy wise? At what point do we have to say that this is just not an issue and needed more for the safety of everyone who is involved. Imagine the amount of money the cameras save each year by reducing the number of false accusations and the court proceedings necessary to rule on such affairs.

Because of the camera in the car the general public seems to be more confident in the police and able to trust them more because of the solicitous eye on them. Citizens sense that if choicest behavior occurs on the part of the officer, there will at beginning be a record of the wrongdoing against them. It is again helping to provide police and law enforcement agencies the protection and piece of mind they need to combat those suspects who are suing due to wrongdoings at the time of arrest. Officers have said that the cameras are great although they seem to be dependant on them more for the facts than they used to be and really yen to be. It seems that the cameras are working to better both sides of the spectrum and are helping to ensure delicacy in police dealings.


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