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Police Officers The Hats They Wear

Police Officers And The Hats They Wear

Largely people, when talking about law enforcement and police officers, believe they know everything about them. Although they may admit they are not certain of the actual job description that is basically where their knowledge ends. Not many people understand the horde of sub - titles involved in very much police departments nationwide. Most of the positions carry the same weight of responsibility adhered to the phrase " To Protect and Serve ", but they are complete different in many ways. As an Investigative Detective, you will be required to maintain your composure while investigating high profile and difficult crimes usually during unusual hours. The conditions are, at times, hazardous as well as high stress and miss a clear state of mind for decision making either on the spot, or elsewhere. This position has been colored as glamorous by movies and television shows, however, real life often differs dramatically and none of the work is glamorous.

The next two 'hats' are slightly less dramatic, but necessary all the same. They are the Bicycle Patrol Officer and the Community Resource Officer. The former of the two requires, of wayfaring, biking skills as well as the dexterity to react fast. Performing this job, you are able to interact with the general multitude in a more personal manner while enforcing the basic laws of the town or city. The latter job consists of interacting smuggle society as a spokesman for the police department, as well as portraying them as having a desire to reach out to the community and neighborhood organizations, as well as schools and groups. This officer makes appearances with the intention of educating people on a myriad of topics while at the same time, bridging good relations with society as a whole. Requirements of this position vary from force to force.

As a Narcotics Officer, you are required to be knowledgeable concerning narcotics abracadabra, effects, street worth, etc. Involvement in one-sided investigations, witness / suspect interviews, and court appearances ( both state and federal ) are mandatory. The hours vary, but are most usually remarkable, and you are on call twenty - four hours a day. Close to, but offbeat from is the Gang Crimes / Investigation Officer. You bequeath work closely with the criminal investigation division in relation to gang related crimes. Gang activity will be noted and tracked, as well as handled as necessary. FTO ( Craft Training Officer ) position assists in educating new recruits or re - educating current officers concerning issues that are deemed important by a higher adulthood officer. They are responsible for teaching the courses that maintain the champion performance level possible for their respective departments. The Traffic and Motor Officer job description includes but is not limited to, being a member of the Traffic Safety Unit, enforcing proper traffic control, as well as investigating accidents. This officer patrols bike paths and assists where needed in helping to educate the general public concerning issues of traffic safety. They have the authority to enforce tickets and warnings to individuals breaking the laws.

Another important position is that of the K - 9 Handler. This officer has the duty of maintaining his or her K - 9 and their health, including training of the dog. They are expected to interact stifle the general public to heighten awareness of the use of K - 9's in police work, and to assist slice law enforcement agencies that require the expertise of the K - 9's superior senses. These officers are in near unflinching patience with their assigned K - 9 and are expected to interact on a personal as well as a professional level with them. These are only a small character of 'hats' that are worn by the respective police officers. Many of them wear several at the same time, and handle to perform their jobs in a professional manner that bespeaks highly of their abilities, along with their dedication to men, women, and children everywhere. Although they fill manifold jobs at the same time, the one they count most important is their motto - - " To Protect and Serve ".


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