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Who Rescues the Rescuers?

We all perceive who to call when there is a fire, an explosion, and yes, even sometimes the odd cat in a tree. We call our local fire department, and they respond to rescue us or those in inconvenience at the scene of the crisis, however, who rescues them from the dangers they face with each rescue or fire control they effectuate? What do we really know about when it comes to the dangers the firefighter's face each time they respond to a call? Not only are they facing physical dangers that are potentially life threatening, but also they are facing long term threats to their health and the length of their lives. There have been far too many deaths of firefighters that, sadly, could have been avoided if there had been some lower changes made, or other life saving equipment made available. Unfortunately, there are difficulties in getting some of the device that our firefighters so desperately need. Some of the reasons for this are a scarcity of money, lack of support, and quite honestly a absence of concern.

The old adage, " out of swivel, out of mind " seems to ring true when it comes to the fire departments across the United States. Most political authorities return no notice of the men and women that run the luminosity departments, unless something happens to bring them into the limelight, or unless they are needed at some point in time during said politician's tenure. They are the emergency workers that sacrifice silently in the empiricism, to change and save lives everywhere, but they are also possibly the most forgotten when it comes to financing or support.

Some of the financial cutbacks that occur from time to time in every city or town are more often than not felt in schools and emergency approximating departments. One has to question the wisdom in these decisions, considering that the schools are our future by teaching our children - - ruin them, we ruin our children, hence our future. The fire departments are the ones that save our chicamin and lives - - in true politician style; this is biting the hand that feeds you. The financial cutbacks make it strenuous for the fire departments to obtain proper equipment for their firefighters' protection, which risks their lives even more each time they respond to a call. Bequeath it take them returning your 911 call for help, by calling your phone and saying, " I'm sorry, we are unable to relate to your house blaze, due to a shortage in proper fire retardant uniforms, but if you would consider asking your town mayor to grant money to our local fire department, we would be more than happy to respond to your call. " While being completely ridiculous to imagine, it may not be as far from the truth as you would first think.

Why should they be expected to save our property and our lives, and suffer unnecessary risks to themselves? The solution word here is " unnecessary ". If we rallied for community support and moved for approaching our local management to demand grants for the heat department, we would then be able to say, we are rescuing our rescuers. These men and women respond to accident calls daily without a thought of their own safety, and most of them have families that wait nervously for their return. Call your local fire department and see how you can make a difference. There are far too many things to be done by only a few people, so amuse involved. Get involved in your community, in the care and cornerstone of your local fire department. What you put into your community is what you will get convey. Write letters to your local politicians to offer more support for the fire departments, and volunteer your help wherever they need it. Put your heart into the support, and make it public - - we need to rescue those that rescue us.


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