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Emergency Medical Services And How It Began

Emergency Medical Services And How It Began
Emergency medical services give care to those who they are transporting to the hospital. The care given is for many different kinds of injury and illness or any time a person believes they need emergency care. These emergency services are better known to the public as ambulance squads, rescue squads, ambulance services, etc. the point of the emergency medical services no matter what form they come to you in is the care of the problem quickly or to transport you to the next stop to get the care you need. This may be a hospital, emergency room, or other places where a doctor can be found. Depending on the vein of limb your area uses, they may also help to search and rescue patients from vehicles, water emergencies, and extrication dangers.
Emergency services first started harbour the Bible in the New Testament accounts of the Good Samaritan. Next, the Middle Ages brought to us the allegory of the Knights of Saint John which seemed to be the starting point for the ambulance squad. In 1487, Spanish Ruler Isabella heralded the first ambulance for emergencies pertaining to the troops. Because of the care they received and the way it was given, more countries started taking an interest. By the late 1700's to the late 1800's changes started liveliness to the anterior ambulance service. Dominique Larrey came adulthood with a horse drawn wagon for taking the wounded farther distances so they could get proper medical care faster and not be left on the battlefield to die. Napoleon's Army utilized these wagon ambulances in 1793.
As the need for this ambulance changed, so did the ambulance requirements to meet keep from any situation or environment. Later on, more advanced styles of the ambulance were starting to show up around the world. London utilized a cholera ambulance in 1832 setting a obscure for the season the patient arrived for medical care and the ability to stretch patients who were farther away. In 1865, the very first ambulance service was created to bring the patient to the hospital. Cincinnati General in Cincinnati Ohio was the first to pioneer this frame of ambulance service. Following shortly after was the Bellevue hospital in New York. This ambulance service saw the need to add other items to their ambulance including morphine, brandy, splints, and a stomach hit. As you can see, this was the start of the emergency services we offer today but bury a multitude of many more items for life saving and medical treatment.

As time progressed, so did the advancements in the ambulance. With the invention of motor vehicles, the need for a horse drawn vehicle became obsolete. The ambulance services really became prevalent during the wars that followed and provided the soldiers with the fastest care that have ever come to a wartime battlefield. In today's time, ambulances and emergency services have come to a whole new level of care being able to provide complete life support to any patient and providing a quality of care that was not even dreamed of in the past. Emergency Services have evolved into not only an ambulance service today but will also offer colorful modes of transportation including helicopters. Thank goodness for the dreams that led to the crowded inventions we have today. imagine where we would all be if we could no longer have the security of picking up the phone and knowing the emergency services will arrive to care for us within a matter of minutes.


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